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A spiritual counselor is someone who reminds you who you really are, in truth. And helps Spirit guide you to the greatest realization of exactly what your greatest role is in this life--in this world. We all have a special, unique gift to bring to the world as ourselves. We can take ourselves off course by wanting to be other than we really are. There are many cultural and societal pressures on us that can cloud our minds and make knowing what it is we are here to do vague and hard to grasp. Spiritual counseling helps clear these muddy waters. We are all born into this world, whole, complete and perfect as ourselves. We are here to partake of the abundance of nature and to be nurtured and to grow into our fullness. Anything that we allow to hinder this natural process brings us pain, confusion, etc.

A spiritual counselor is "psychic" in the sense that we know there is really only one Mind and that we all have our own unique, individual connection with this one mind. The prayer I do at your request, where I am with you in mind, are immediately and positively effective (as you accept them) because of this Oneness.

Sometimes our path is crossed by someone that has an ego based approach to working with people, where they take all the responsibility onto themselves and lead by dictation. This can lead you away from YOU for awhile, but when you open yourself to It, the Spirit in you will rescue YOU and bring you back to your path, to yourself, so you can journey on free and clear of unhealthy influence.

The prayers I write for my website are positive affirmations of the truth that we are born with. By focusing our awareness and attention on the positive aspects of life, we automatically and naturally bring more of that into our experience (and the converse is true, if we focus on the negative and dark things, we bring more of that into our lives).

The Spirit in me honors the Spirit in you; in Truth we are One. (Namaste)

I am also available for Spiritual Counseling by phone. E-mail your number and the best time to reach you or give me your e-mail address and I'll send you my number and the best time to reach me.

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[Law of Attraction in Action]

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